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With almost 22 years experience of developing online solutions for the travel industry, our 5th Generation of complete Flight Retailing solutions is designed to reflect the latest trends and needs. Regardless whether you service leisure or corporate segment, let your customers benefit from the one-stop shop concept with a complete travel experience at their fingertips - including complex flight searches, hotel stays and ancillary products.


traditional airlines


low-cost carriers

$ 1.3 million

of ancillary sales
per year


bookings created
in 2018

6.9 million

tickets auto-ticketed
in 2018


of customers booking
on mobile phone

Features & Benefits

The online travel industry channels are experiencing the fastest transformation ever. As a result, travel agent need to think not one, but three steps ahead in order to keep up and ahead of the competition. With almost two decades of experience, our products will help you to do so - including precise and efficient flight searches, variety of ancillary products, hotels or even a fully automated tool to enforce corporate travel policy. 

Our cutting-edge booking engine is a user friendly, yet extremely sophisticated platform to help you to maximise your market opportunities. It comes with a variable selection of add-ons to fully meet your business needs.


With live availability links and access to both, traditional airlines and LCCs, this core module allows your customers to book tickets in a very intuitive environment. Some of the key features include: Availability calendars, use of multiple points of saleor even different fare combinations to find the lowest price available orperhaps offer of fare families, so your customers get the same choice and experience as when booking directly with the airline. That’s why we help to generate our customers hundreds of millions $ every year.


With the trend of airlines axing the services included in the basic fare and offering each customer the individual travel experience through ancillaries, this module allows you to do even more. Aside of accessing and the airlines content you can enrich your offerings by plugging-in other external content providers, or even defined your own content. This gives you the value of a customised service provider. We offer range of ancillary options:

  • CRSAncillary (Global distribution)
    Traditional range of airline designed ancillaries distributed through GDS channels, like seating, baggage or meals.
  • WebAncillary (non-GDS)
    Additional selection of services to widen the customer options a little further, e.g. airport parking, travel insurance. The product is locally defined and stored on Symphony servers and sold by accessing inventory of the respective supplier.
  • Merchandise (non-AirContent)
    Selection of locally held and managed products, e.g. service vouchers, travel guides, or services which can even be fed online by external parties.


In this extremely competitive environment the key to success is to differentiate from the others and hit your customers’ mind. The variety of our promotional tools will help you to engage with your customers and let then feel valued.

  • Targeted discounts
    The right tool to discount a specific O&D, airline, hotel or another service provider that you’d like to outperform.
  • WebFares
    Have you got a very strong link and relationship with an airline, which likes you to boost their sales? How about to create a set of fares dedicated fares where you can adjust anything you want - from price, through fare rules to combinations. This is a classical win-win for all the parties involved - the customer gets a better deal, you will differentiate from your competition and the airline will save on GDS cost, since these fares are locally held with us.
  • SpecialOffers
    Have you got access to some very attractive special offers you’d like to promote to stimulate additional demand? This is an efficient tool to highlight these offers right on your homepage, or copy those into an external channels like newsletters.


To help you to act as a one-stop travel shop we provide access to thousands of accommodation options around the globe to meet any customer taste or budget, with an instant access to a commission for you. You can choose from the following service providers:

  • Amadeus Hotels
  • Content Inn


With today’s travellers willing to get a full control of their travel plans, this exciting tool allows them to manage their bookings online through a fully-automated environment.With a live link to GDS/CRS, this tool can take care of all the ticket changes by checking and applying fare rules, additional collections, etc. On top of that you can choose to include extra optional features:

  • Ancillary products after the initial ticket purchase, so your customers can add baggage, meals, seats - just as they like and whenever they need.
  • Offline bookings, so even those customers who initially purchased the tickets offline through one of your shops can change their travel experience online.


How to squeeze all the traditional features of our Revenue tools into a box of a size of your palm? Or perhaps upgrade it to a different, world-leading level, by adding all the features of SymphonyPay, our payment tool? We made it – available for all leading mobile platforms, your customers can enjoy the same level of independency and top-end performance whilst on the move.