Developed for specific airline needs, the 4th generation of our online booking engine (IBE) reflects the latest trends of the constantly changing travel industry. Let your customers benefit from the one-stop shop concept, offering a complete travel experience including complex flight and fare searches, hotel stays or ancillary products. Or perhaps, use it as a powerful marketing tool to stimulate further demand.


Bookings created
in 2015


Growth of bookings
between 2014 and 2015


Increase of Special offers
usage in 2015

2.4 million

Tickets auto-ticketed
in 2015


Of customers book via
mobile phones

$ 1 million

Ancillaries revenue generated within
first 9 months from the launch


In this ever-evolving world there’s only one way forward – through constant development and efficiency in every step you make. Our leading edge products not only reflect our 18 years in the business, but also our innovative and visionary approach to the future. No matter whether you’re looking to grow your revenues, secure and speed-up your payment flows or use the data of your customers to provide a truly tailor-made service. Our products can do it all – together or one-at-a-time.

Our cutting-edge booking engine is a user friendly, yet extremely sophisticated platform and will help you to maximize your market opportunities while keeping your costs under control. It comes with a variable selection of add-ons to fully meet your business needs.


Our core product, with live availability links and access to both, published or locally defined fares, allows your customers to book tickets in a very intuitive environment. Some of the key features include: Availability calendars, use of multiple points of departure to find the lowest fare, or use of fare families to meet your customer’s taste and budget. Your ticket is just a click away!


It’s a not any secret that ancillary products are often more valuable than the ticket itself. Not only can they generate incremental revenue, but they also let your customers design their travel experience themselves. This gives you the value of a customized service provider. We offer range of ancillary options:

  • CRSAncillary (Global distribution)
    Traditional range of airline designed ancillaries distributed through GDS channels, like seating, baggage, meals, lounge access.
  • WebAncillary (non-GDS)
    Additional selection of services to widen the customer options a little further, e.g. airport parking, travel insurance. The product is locally defined and stored on Symphony servers and sold by accessing inventory of the respective supplier.
  • Merchandise (non-AirContent)
    Selection of locally held and managed products, e.g. service vouchers, travel guides, or services which can even be fed online by external parties.


Let your customers feel valued and engage with them using the wide variety of our promotional tools.

  • Targeted discounts
    The right tool to discount a specific O&D that you’d like to outperform.
  • AffiliateSale/Airline2Agent
    Great tool if you‘ve got a wide network of both, IATA and non-IATA partners. Let’s offer them your content so that they can boost your sales at a minimal the cost for you.
  • WebFares
    Is the full GDS content too pricey for you? How about a set of fares held outside the GDS at a fraction of the traditional distribution cost, even including some tailor-made rules. Additionally, there’s no need to wait precious hours for the GDS to file as you can publish our WebFares in a matter of minutes – so both, your customers and you, can see an immediate benefit.
  • SpecialOffers
    Are you launching a new product, route or ancillary? This is an efficient tool to highlight an offer at any stage of the booking process, meaning customers can change their travel plans in favor of your offer; or perhaps you can use this channel to upsell.
  • ProactiveUpgrades
    Do you want to give an active push to your premium product? If you don’t want to leave anything to chance, why not try to actively engage customers and cleverly use this opportunity to upsell?


One way to a successful sale is to know how to work with your customer’s mindset. Our Sales Boosters can help you do this!

  • PartCashPartMiles
    The traditional way of earning and burning frequent flyer miles is outdated. It neither drives customer loyalty, nor helps the airline to grow revenues anymore. Let’s change this! - Our innovative tool allows your customers to burn their miles on commercial bookings and even ancillaries! So new customers are engaged to fly with you and return, and you receive additional revenues every time they book.
  • ProactiveUpgrades
    Do you want to give an active push to your premium product? If you don’t want to leave anything to chance, why not try to actively engage customers and cleverly use this opportunity to upsell?
  • AirGuide
    Do you know that once the price is right, a leisure customer often doesn’t care about which destination they are flying to for a weekend? Our AirGuide tool engages and stimulates your customer by allowing you to offer attractive choices through a predefined range of criteria and preferences.


With a live link to inventory and content providers, this tool allows your customers to interact with their booking online – from purchasing additional ancillaries, through reserving seats, to adding critical information, such as APIS or emergency contact details. Most importantly, this feature can accommodate both, your own direct bookings and those created by external parties (OTAs, other airlines), too.


With today’s travellers willing to get a full control of their travel plans, this exciting tool allows them to manage their booking and ticket online through a fully-automated environment, taking care of all the fare rules, additional collections, etc. Similar to SymphonySelfService, this tool can be used for bookings created by both, direct and indirect channels.


How to squeeze all the traditional features of our Revenue tools into a box of a size of your palm? Or perhaps upgrade it to a different, world-leading level, by adding all the features of SymphonyPay, our payment tool? We made it – available for all leading mobile platforms, your customers can enjoy the same level of independency and top-end performance whilst on the move.